An environmentally sound approach to automotive paintshop operations and maintenance.

ACT China has been and active Tier I & II supplier to Automotive OEM’s for more than 20 years.  With a focus on paint operations, ACT China develops and produces a full range of proprietary technologies for use in Class A paint finish operations. 


Our DriBooth™ portfolio leads the industry in paint defect reduction processes. It also addresses important environmental and worker safety issues by continually developing low-impact products that reduce VOC’s, eliminate chemicals and simplify waste disposal processes.


DriBooth™ films lead the market with innovations that reduce paintshop maintenance costs. As an ISO 9001 certified supplier to the leading multinational OEM’s, ACT China offers its customers a valuable combination of product and experience.

自1999年来,ACT China / 晶莹化工致力于向全球汽车生产企业提供全套的维护型化学品和工程塑料膜产品.我们的技术重点在于服务涂装和成型车间的清洁、维护,帮助客户提高生产质量、效率并减少成本。

他的无废喷房系列产品是涂装业中降低次品率的领先产品。其中各种喷房保护和粘尘薄膜帮助产量较大的客户控制成本。晶莹塑料 / 晶莹化工是经过ISO9001认证的公司,已经是世界各大汽车品牌的一级和二级供应商,提供独特的产品、分享丰富的经验。