BoothSaver™ 1125 Hi-Temp Booth Coating is a high temperature stable coating used to coat conveyors, booths and under-decking, to aid in the easy removal and clean up of paint spills and overspray.  It also serves and a rust protection coating on steel and other oxidizable metals.  ActoGuard 1125 remains tacky for extended periods of time and helps to attract and hold potential dirt seed contaminants for improved paint quality.
BoothSaver™ 1125 阻隔涂料为在高温下性能稳定的阻隔性涂料,用于设备、传送带、喷房下部结构的保护,阻挡油漆过喷,承受大量油污堆积,清除方便。也可用于钢铁和其他易氧化金属表面作为防锈涂料。该产品保持粘性状态吸附粉尘污染,提高喷涂质量。

BoothSaver™ 1188 Washable Tacky Coating is a water-based thickened booth coating designed to protect paint booth walls, windows, and fixtures from paint overspray.  In addition, the product maintains a tacky surface after application that aids in attracting and encapsulating airborne dirt seeds and other contaminants.  This product is useful for windows as it dries with excellent transparency.
BoothSaver™ 1188 可冲洗粘性涂料工业用可水洗喷房涂料,是增稠的水性涂料,用以保护喷房壁板、窗户和部件,可阻挡油漆过喷。 本产品形成的涂膜表面有一定黏性,帮助吸附粉尘和其他污染源。