ActoClean™ 151 E-Coat Cleaner is a concentrated cleaning compound formulated specifically to clean E-Coat spills on floors, piping and equipment. It may also be utilized as a stage cleaner for ED system rinses or to clean parts in a parts washer.
ActoClean™ 151 电 泳 清 洗 剂 工业用浓缩电泳清洗剂,专用于清洁电泳涂料在地上的溢溅,以及电泳管道和设备。本产品亦可用于电泳系统的清场清洗剂或电泳设备的清洗。

ActoClean™ 109 Multi-Duty Cleaner is a concentrated formulation designed for general purpose industrial paint shop cleaning, including paint tracking and paint overspray.   It can be safely used for cleaning concrete, painted /sealed concrete, metal surfaces, tile, and ceramic.  This product contains very low solids content to minimize residue.
ActoClean™ 109 多功能清洗剂为浓缩型工业用综合清洗剂,可清洗油漆痕迹和过喷。可以用于水泥、油漆过的水泥、金属表面、瓷砖等,固体分含量低,残留物少。

ActoClean™ 178 Coverall Cleaner is a cost-efficient water-based industrial coverall and robot cover cleaner.  It is designed for use for use in industrial paint shops where clothes and protective fabrics are exposed to paint tracking and overspray.   This product can be safely used with many synthetic and natural fibers.  
ActoClean™ 178 工作服清洗剂为经济型水性工作服清洗剂和机器人工作服清洗剂,专为工业喷房的受油漆污染的工作服和保护织物设计。该产品可用于合成和天然织物.

OvenClean™ 212 Water-based Oven Cleaning Gel is a powerful cleaner that can handle the toughest cleaning assignments.  This product is thickened to provide maximum dwell time on vertical surfaces such as oven walls, substructure beams, and grates.  It is typically used for tough oven cleaning jobs, but can even be used in-situ to soften and remove paint overspray from the paint shop floor and floor grates, prior to washing.  With extended dip exposures, this product will also remove cured paint.  It is designed to wash away completely with a fresh water rinse.
OvenClean™ 212 烘房清洁膏为强效清洁剂,能处理最顽固的清洁任务。增稠的配方延长了表面浸透时间,可垂挂于烘房墙壁,基梁和网格板盖。主要用于困难的烘房清洁中,甚至可用于喷房地板和网格板,增加剥漆效果。另外可以当场使用软化网格板或地面的油漆。浸泡更长时间,还可清除工装夹具上的固化油漆。该产品用水就可以完全冲洗净。