Surfstrip™ 14 Fe-N is a neutral pH corrosion remover based on organic phosphate technology.  This product can be used in recirculating spray, immersion, and spray wand applications.  Surfstrip™ 14 Fe-N is designed to remove metal oxides, including rust, weld smut, and laser slag from ferrous metals. Surfstrip™ 14 Fe-N is also used for corrosion removal and brightening of aluminum, copper, and brass.
SurfStrip™ 14 Fe-N 是一款中性pH 除锈剂,适用于循环喷淋,浸泡,手持喷淋或人工直接操作。SurfStrip™ 14 Fe-N 的研发旨在去除铁金属氧化物包括闪锈,焊接物和激光焊接杂质。同时该产品可适用于金属表面防腐及光亮铝件或铜件。

SurfProtek380 is a synthetic rust preventive designed specifically for customers exporting goods that need long-term ocean corrosion resistance without the use of heavy naphthenic oil or solvent based products.
SurfProtek™ 380 是一款合成类水基防锈剂,特别适用于广大生产企业出口货物所需的长期海洋运输防腐防锈能力,亦可作为国内货物周转防锈使用。该产品可替代传统的环烷油或溶剂类防锈产品。