OvenSaver™ 1218Tacky Oven Foil is used in paintshop ovens and heated flash zones to capture airborne contaminants and reduce paint defects.  This product is fire retardant and antistatic, so that it can be safely used on floors, walls and decking over a broad temperature range.  Its high temperature stability (up to 180C) means it can be safely used in most paintshop ovens for weeks.  It provides a cost-effective solution to maintaining paint quality in one of the most challenging areas of the paintshop. 

  • High temperature resistant tacky adhesive.
  • Traps and holds dirt seeds in the oven and turbulent zones. 
  • Use for weeks at up to 180C. 
  • Use for floors and under conveyors. 
  • Solid non-hazardous waste disposal.