GrateSaver™ 888 Grate Covers protect paint booth grates from overspray buildup and exposure to corrosive chemicals and water.  This cost-effective in-situ alternative eliminates the need to remove grates from the booth for cleaning, or the need for hi-pressure blasting within the booth. This solution requires no capital investment, and allows for quick and frequent cleaning that reduces sludge maintenance costs and improves paint quality.  A GrateSaver™ installation can last 3-6 months before replacement. 

  • Section by section replacement and removal reduces booth downtime.
  • No more grate removal/storage!
  • Reduces sludge buildup resulting from “shock” induced by UHP cleaning.
  • Non-stick surface reduces paint buildup / lengthens time btwn changes
  • Low cost, long term solution.
  • Antistatic & fire retardant.
  • Eliminates need for grate removal.
  • Ergonomically safe for the workers.