Leading Sources of Process Dirt

Tacky Oven Films, Pans and Coatings

#1 Source of Process Dirt-
Oven Carriers, Jigs, & Fixtures

Single and multi-layer tacky films

#2 Leading Source of Process Dirt-
Booth Dirt

In-situ grate protection and overspray mitigation

#3 Leading Source of Process Dirt-
Grates and Grate Cleaning

Fiber-free, disposable, multi-sectional robot covers

#4 Leading Source of Process Dirt-
Robot Knock-off & Fibers

DriBooth™ addresses dirt problems three ways: 

Ø Keep dirt outside of the paint shop.

Ø Prevent dirt from being generated inside the paint shop.

Ø Capture and isolate dirt that is inside the paint shop.